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The giraffes in Hippo Alley are gathered under this one particular tree discussing what each will gather today from the list of things that Granny Smith Hippo & Chef Luigi Sherbet needs. "JJ" Giraffe being the smallest decides on picking the vine vegetables. "Valentine" Giraffe decides being the middle height will pick the cherries. And "Stickx" Giraffe being the tallest of the three will pick the apples. All go their separate ways to do their jobs singing a happy tune as they go knowing that their jobs are important, as all the residents jobs are for a happy & harmonious place called Hippo Alley.


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All of my plush critters are handmade by me and masde from 100% soft polyester fleece and filled with 100% soft polyester polyfil. Most of my critters are limited edition critters. What that means is there is no "specific" count on how many I make. I make as many as I can from the remnant of material purchased. When that is done, and the cloth is no longer available, that specific version of plush critter & their name is retired. All my plush animals are sewn using the smallest stitch possible on my sewing machine, and all tails/ears/tags are triple sewn to ensure maximum safety for the child (of ALL ages). PLEASE NOTE: That no two hippos are alike due to the material print designs. All handmade plush items are made at time of purchase, so there is always a 3-5 day business day for creation of any handmade plush item. All of the "residents" at Hippo Alley would love to be adopted into the loving arms of a child of "all ages" No age is too young or too old to enjoy the comfort of the hug from a critter from Hippo alley. HIPPO ALLEY ~ WHERE LOVE RESIDES PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT dog toys, and not recommended for that use. We hold no responsibility for their use other then the described child toy.

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