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Each Hippo is unique, and most are limited editions, as I purchase fabric remnants. Once that is gone, so is that particular hippo. The very first hippo I had made was a pink fleece one for my youngest granddaughter. I named that one HILDA HIPPO. Next came a blue fleece one for my grandson in Virginia. His name was HARVEY HIPPO.  Soon after that came my two LGBT hippo’s DOT & HAPPY. Dot was made with flannel & Happy was with a rainbow tie died looking fleece. I really don’t remember which one came next, but the entire line thus far is HILDA, HARVEY, HAPPY, DOT, RIBBIT, NERDO, RING RING, PATCH, AME, BUTTERCUP & WINTER.

They are a nice size, measuring approximately (depends on material) 16 inches (back legs) by 15 inches long. I’ve sold quite a few of them. I have recenly added an elephant (Pumpkin) and two turtles, which have yet to be named.